The core of our methodology stems from the application of the Lean Start-up discipline to more than 13,000 teams sponsored by the National Science Foundation's I-Corps and enterprises around the world. I-Scale equips corporations to bring innovation to scale--so that an entire organization can operate with a unified innovation strategy.



We bring together a group of experts with proven track records delivering innovation strategy solutions to clients as consultants, executives, thought leaders, and researchers. 

I-Scale team members have been selected based on their skills in driving revenue growth, translating research and development into new products, and uncovering market opportunities. Collectively, we represent decades of experience in diverse industries: technology, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, consumer products, hospitality, and R&D.



Get To Next. Six New Principles to Transform Trends into Corporate Growth

Take the Risk out of corporate growth

I-Scale wrote a new playbook to advance projects to a go or a no-go decision faster than ever before.

  1. Fine tune your company's trend intelligence

  2. sharpen your technology savvy

  3. excavate untapped customer needs

  4. nail it before you scale it: experiment with rigor

  5. master business model innovation

  6. transform into a rapid learning machine


It used to be riskier to tap into emerging trends than to stick with status quo. Moving too fast was more dangerous than waiting, largely because it was hard to test ideas on a small scale before rolling them out to customers. But, the pressure to act quickly intensified with digitalization. And, luckily, so did the emergence of proven new strategies to develop and test business models and innovative services that drive the creation of integrated platforms to provide digital + physical solutions.


Companies need a proven method for transforming Silicon Valley startup principles into a prioritized innovation playbook.

We have come to recognize that Roche’s ability to translate insight into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.
— Marco de Polo, Roche

I-Scale's 8-step process drives end-to-end innovation implementation.

Through our partnerships and extended network, we identify the needs and target the resources that are tailored to your company.

Process Diagram.jpg

Innovation itself is only the starting point for corporations.

The real challenge is to navigate through the range of options and opportunities, integrate metrics that are geared for growth, make the right decisions, and ultimately instill innovation leadership within the framework of the company.


  • Customer discovery
  • Business model innovation
  • Experimentation
  • Validate or pivot
  • Confirmation of emerging market opportunities


  • Metrics
  • Ecosystem evaluation
  • Mentor methodology
  • Outside-in discipline
  • Cross-industry insights


The i-scale perspective: In evidence we trust

  1. companies need an innovation strategy.

  2. It's time for a new revolution in research and development.

  3. insights + validated experiments = accelerated growth.

  4. Nail it before you scale it.

  5. Leaders need to kill their darlings and avoid bright shiny objects.

  6. Cross-industry insights will fuel the next horizon for great companies.

  7. leaders need to master execution + innovation.